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Global Sourcing is an Innovative concept gaining popularity and rapidly growing all over the world; Raymfield has developed special competence and capacity in executing the Global Sourcing needs of various industries. Global Sourcing is a rare capability found in very few BPO companies that are able to deliver the best results by delivering multiple services from the best possible source around the world.

This concept of Global Sourcing applies in a situation where a Client needs 3 distinct services. In such a case, the most accomplished BPO companies in the world including Raymfield, are able to find the best source from around the world, to deliver each service.

An example of Global Outsourcing would be; that if a client needs Call-Center Services, Data Services and Field work facilitation. In this scenario, the best Call Centers would be able to deliver the Call Center Service from a country like Pakistan where adequately skilled Human Resources are available at the lowest Cost per agent. This BPO company should also be able to source the Data Services from a country like Sri-Lanka where the IT industry is better developed and human resources specialized in IT are still economically available. Similarly, if the client wants to conduct some Field Work in the East African Rgion, the Outsourcing Company should be able to deliver on-ground specialized man-power within the East African region.

Raymfield has established multiple delivery centers, located strategically in several regions of the world, to economically deliver the specialized skills found in each particular geographical region. Therefore, Raymfield has an extensive reach to effectively deliver Global Sourcing facility.