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How Can Our Sales Representation Services Help Your Business?

By partnering with Raymfield Uganda, your business will gain immediate access to our extensive network of industry contacts within Uganda (East Africa) their RSPs (Risk Sharing Partners) and their supply chain. Our experience and knowledge of the Ugandan / East Africa market enables you to grow sales more quickly and cost effectively than trying to sell directly from overseas.

We help to grow your Ugandan (East African) customer base and drive sales without exposing your business to the potential risks and costs associated with opening an international business division and starting from scratch. We act as your outsourced sales office in Uganda and East African Region – with a vested interest in your success.

From Sales Reps to Business Consultants

When the time is right and your customer base is established, we go on to offer a range of consultancy services to support the continued growth of your Ugandan (East African) business. For some Principals this means identifying and assisting with strategic acquisitions for others it means recruiting permanent staff and helping set up Uganda (East African) facilities

Our Sales Territory

We represent clients, selling their products and services throughout the whole of Uganda & East African Countries. This includes (but is not limited to):

Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania,Rwanda,South Sudan,Burundi,Congo

Get in Touch

Find out more about our sales representation service and how it can can help to develop and grow your sales across Europe. Call us on +256 752397520 or get in touch.

Our Business Consulting Services

If you are a business, trade association or government body that needs information, guidance or support in Uganda, we have a number of standalone consultancy services designed to assist organizations, who have an interest in expanding their services to Uganda & East Africa in General.